Sporting Camps

There is a grand tradition that has become an integral part of Maine's heritage. Unique to Maine and about 140 years old, it is called the Maine Sporting camp. Although each is different, there is a certain feel to a Maine sporting camp. Nearly all are on a lake or a river, generally in a remote area of forested land. Most have buildings made of peeled and chinked logs, roofs of split cedar shakes and porches overlooking the water. The guest sleeping cabins are clustered near the shore of a central dining lodge. Plumbing was (and can still be) out back and the entire place had the appearance of having grown out of the ground.

The Maine sporting camp is a phenomenom that began appearing in the 1860's. In the 19th century guests would travel up from Boston and New York. 

In 1904 there were at least 300 camps in the State of Maine in operation. Today there are less than 50 of the original ones. NOTE: 50 - Still operating. Many sporting camps remain, purchased by descendants of original "sports". Many of the sporting camps on Onawa Lake date back to the 1890's.