The Trestle

This structure measures 1200 feet long and 130 high over the Ship Pond stream gorge on the Southeast end of Lake Onawa.

Borestone Mountain Sanctuary

On the western lakeshore of Onawa lies Borestone Mountain. A majestic granite top and steep side covered with trees. A trail, somewhat strenuous, leads to the top and an awe-inspiring view. The mountain was owned by Robert T. Moore through the 50's, 60's and 70's. Mr. Moore had a seaplane which he would land on one of the three mountain lakes. He would fly down to Onawa and offered us children seaplane rides. It was my first time in any airplane.

He and his wife Katrina, remained on the mountain, allowing all (two legged and four legged) to climb whenever. Upon his passing in the 80's, the land was given to the Audubon Society for a mountain sanctuary and preservation. Unfortunately, four legged best friends were no longer allowed.

Today, the Audubon Society runs the lodges, the road up the mountain and the hiking trails. A small fee is charged, but the hike is worth the fee and the sore muscles. The first half of the hike is the road up to the visitor center and facilities. Once here, you can rest a bit, sign in and move forward when ready.

You can actually view climbers atop the peak as well as peregrine falcons. Bring binoculars. Continue on the marked trail to the summit for a 360 degree view of the Maine vista.